Real Problems



“You know there is a serious problem when you cannot eat your butt”

It was not till my back let out that I realized how important it is; for example wiping my vagina after peeing. That is a serious problem! Moar people need to be aware of how serious back injuries are!
If you want to read a more insightful story you should read this:


About Vodka Before Noon

I live in the trees. What I mean by that, is I am a student studying Forest Management and Biology. I like playing all sorts of games even though I don’t always win. I like making things and sharing my secrets on scraps of paper for people to find. I always keep chalk in my pocket to write messages on the ground/wall for others to find. I love attention, but I am very much an introvert. I like curling up in fuzzy blankets for hours during the day for no particular reason except that I like feeling warm and happy.
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2 Responses to Real Problems

  1. elbrigaking says:

    so funny! laughed outloud ^^ thanks for posting!

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